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A printer is a device that takes any electronic data and then prints the data on a piece of paper or on other media. The data collected can be in the form of images, text, or a combination of the two. While there are many types of printers on the market, the laser printer is considered to be the best by many people around the world. This is due to the fact that the laser printer prints rapidly, efficiently, and consistently on any media. This makes it useful for large scale printing applications as well as for printing images with numerous colors. In this article, a review will be given on 5 different models printers that are vying for the title of best laser printer 2014. The reviews will be centered on their features and will also feature a verdict on whether or not these laser printers are worth purchasing.

After going through the features of numerous laser printers, analysts have found out the best features that are most beneficial in the long run. The first feature is Wi-Fi connectivity which allows computers and devices to remotely connect to the printer for wireless printing. The next feature is the scan feature which enables the printer to scan images and documents for easy editing. The third feature is the photocopy feature. This feature enables the printer to easily copy images and documents to other media. The fourth feature is the fax feature. This feature enables the printer to copy any document and then immediately send this document to any fax machine. The fifth and final feature is the fast printing speed which helps tremendously in large-scale printing services.


Our recommendations regarding the best laser printers in 2014:


Max print speed
Our rating
Best Price on:
Brother MFC-9970CDW
best laser printer reviews 2014
30 ppm$$$$$
Canon imageCLASS MF8280CW
14 ppm$$$
Canon imageCLASS MF4890DW
26 ppm$$$
Brother DCP7065DN
27 ppm$$
Samsung Xpress SL-C410W/XAA
19 ppm$$
Canon LBP7660Cdn
Canon LBP7660Cdn review
10 ppm$$$$


Brother MFC-9970CDW


best laser printer reviews 2014The Brother MFC-9970CDW is considered by many to be the best laser printer 2014 because of its numerous functions and features. The first of many features is the fast printing speed of 30 pages per minute, meaning you won’t have to make coffee just to pass time while printing. Next up is the numerous connectivity options which include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. It has a 5-inch color touch panel display which controls all of the printer’s functions and options. This feature is useful when alterations are needed on a document’s settings. For print quality, this printer has a maximum resolution of 2400 by 600 dots per inch. One thing that stands out in this printer is its duplex functionality for the print, scan, copy, and fax options. For its price of roughly $500-$550, the Brother MFC-9970CDW is considered to be a bargain. Imagine getting all of these features at such a great price. Nothing gets better than that.

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Canon imageCLASS MF8280CW


2The Canon imageCLASS MF8280CW is a mid-end printer that is currently priced at around $275-$325. This laser printer boasts of wireless connectivity which includes Air Print, Wi-Fi, and Google Cloud Print. It seems this device is specifically for those who hate standing up just to print. Well, it also has a USB connectivity option for those who are printing documents in local storage. It has a maximum print speed of 14 pages per minute and is capable of printing colored images. Like other modern printers, this printer has a 2400 by 600 dpi resolution. In terms of functions, this laser printer is capable of performing all core functions such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. All of these functions are enhanced by Canon’s Amazing Imaging Performance which helps add complete color integrity and clarity to the output image. All of these functions are accessible through the control panel. Considering all of these features, it can easily be seen why this laser printer landed in this laser printer reviews 2014. We recommend this printer to any person who wishes to have a premium-grade printer at an affordable price.

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Canon imageCLASS MF4890DW


3The Canon imageCLASS MF4890DW is one of the more competitively-priced laser printers in this list of best laser printers 2014. It is usually sold for less than $200, pleasing every cheapskate. This printer is capable of printing and copying documents at a very fast speed of 26 pages per minute. It also has a duplex function which enables it to scan, print, copy, and fax double sided documents. The duplex function is coupled with the duplex automatic document feeder which is capable of holding up to 50 sheets of paper. This ensures smooth operation even for large scale printing operations. For connectivity, this laser printer is capable of wirelessly connecting to devices as well as through USB. It has a maximum resolution of 1200 by 600 dots per inch. For its price relative to its features, this laser printer is one of the best printers that can be purchased at its price range. People who are in a tight budget should consider purchasing this printer for home use.

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Brother DCP7065DN


4The Brother DCP7065DN laser printer is the most affordable printer in this list of best laser printers 2014. It is priced at only $125-$150 which is only a fraction of the price of other printers in this list, even beating the previous entry price-wise. Its features include a fast printing speed of 27 pages per minute which is partnered with a 35 sheet document feeder for efficient operations. It has a USB as well as an Ethernet option for connecting to devices. It also has an automatic duplex feature which enables it to print two-sided documents. Aside from these, the printer is capable of printing, scanning, and copying images and documents. The downside to this printer is that it can only print black and white images. So, going the cheap route does come with a great sacrifice. For people who are printing mostly legal documents, this printer is the way to go. It is very affordable and its capabilities are well-suited for its purpose.

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Samsung Xpress SL-C410W/XAA


5The Samsung Xpress SL-C410W/XAA is the last printer in this laser printer reviews 2014. This printer is priced at roughly $150-$175 and has a rating of 4 stars on Amazon. This printer features a small but stylish footprint that enables it to be placed on any surface. In terms of connectivity, this printer is capable of connecting via USB, Wi-Fi, and NFC. It can also print data from mobile phones via Samsung’s Mobile Printer App. It has a print speed of 19 pages per minute whether it be black and white or colored images. This printer has Samsung’s image processing technology which brings out stunning and lifelike colors in images; printing photos should be a smile-inducing experience. It is also very durable seeing that it has a 20,000 image monthly duty cycle. Perfect for a busy office, this laser printer is great for large-scale printing operations. Still, this printer is definitely recommended for home and office use.

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Canon LBP7660Cdn


Canon LBP7660Cdn review

In this Canon LBP7660Cdn review, you will be provided with more information that can help you in deciding as to whether or not this is the product that will be right for your printing needs.

If you have minimal printing needs, like for home or a small office, this printer will do the job. In addition, its compact size also makes it perfect for small spaces. It is also very user-friendly, as it lacks the complications that are present in other printers. It also operates on a duplex mode, allowing you to save a lot since it can print on both sides.

It has a printing capacity of 20 pages per minute, which may not necessarily be the fastest, but fast enough for small printing needs. With regards to the quality of the printed texts and graphics, many of its users have also expressed a high level of satisfaction. The color of the graphics is well-saturated. However, there were some glitches which were experienced by some users, such as the tendency of the pictures to show lines of discoloration and dithering.

The standard paper capacity of this printer is 300 sheets, and as it has been earlier mentioned, can print on both sides of the paper. The paper is divided into two trays. 250 sheets will fit in the main tray, while the 50 sheets will fit in the multi-purpose tray. If you are worried that the tray will not hold enough paper for your printing needs, you can opt to add another paper tray, but that should be purchased separately. It is important to keep in mind, however, that this printer is designed for small printing needs.

In many Canon LBP7660Cdn customer reports, several problems have been noted to show the limitations of this printer. One of the most commonly mentioned is its high operating costs, making it an inappropriate option if you print all the time and if you print in big quantities. It is high compared to the running costs of other laser printers in the market. However, in terms of energy consumption, it is quite efficient, using only 1W of energy.

This Canon LBP7660Cdn review notes that if you are looking for a printer that ahs low costs of operating, you may not find this one a good option. Perhaps, you can consider other models from the product category, such as those that are made by Dell and Xerox. These brands have printers that offer the same print quality as this printer form Canon, but at a lower operating cost.

It is important to consider your printing needs, such as the amount of prints needed, when looking for the right printer. If you do not need much, this printer from Canon will already be a fair choice, as it has been noted in a variety of Canon LBP7660Cdn customer reports.

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Brother MFC-9560CDW


Brother MFC-9560CDW review

If you are looking for a high quality printer that will work best for a small office or home use, this Brother MFC-9560CDW review will give you more idea on why it will solve your printing needs. Nonetheless, the remaining parts of this article also seek to give you insights if you should be looking for a different model, if in case it will not satisfy your needs.

In many Brother MFC-9560CDW customer reports, this printer has been commended for being able to satisfy users with minimal printing needs, most of them were from small offices. In addition, another thing that has been commended by its users is the fact that it is multi-purpose. It does more than just printing texts and graphics on paper. It can also be used to scan, copy, and fax, making it ideal for your office needs. It can also help you save a lot because it has a duplexer, which means that it can print on both sides of the paper.

In spite of the small size of the printer, do not underestimate the quality of its printing output, as it has the ability to print up to 25 pages per minute, in both black and white. This quantity is already good enough for a printer that is built for small needs, though you might of course find it quite slow if you are printing in a larger quantity. The color of the graphics printed in this machine turns out to be exceptional, resulting in an output that has well saturated and rich colors.

It is also important to emphasize in this Brother MFC-9560CDW review that this machine has Wi-Fi connectivity which will allow you to do more with the machine, even in the absence of connecting ports. In addition, with the USB Direct Interface, you can also print directly without having your USB connected to the computer, and just having it plugged on the printer.

Just like in the case of any other products, this printer does not come without any limitation. One which has often been cited by its users is the fact that it lacks slot for memory cards, unlike other printers from the same category. In addition, many have also noted that they were dissatisfied with its performance when they are printing in large quantity. This problem, however, is understandable since the printer is not really built in such a way that it can handle huge printing quantity.

In sum, if you know that you have minimal printing needs, there is no need for a high-capacity printer. All you need is one that is compact and that is equipped with the basic features that will be needed. In this case, as it has been mentioned in numerous Brother MFC-9560CDW customer reports, this model is perhaps a good choice.

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HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn


HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn review

With the diversity of personnel using the computer there is increasing need for the printer to provide us with the result and output which is the best and suitable for all the users that are using the printer for different purposes.

This HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn review provides you with the features that this beautiful product possesses .it has the same printing quality in addition it has the features of scanning, copying and faxing. It has other quality such as the high quality output provided by it also the excellent paper handling with a wide selection of the extras ,it also a touch screen panel that makes it all the more easy for the user to print.


  • Ø Comparison of HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn with others:

This printer is basically a multi functional printer (MFP) on the HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dn. The major attractions in the HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn customer reports is of the printer is that it has the best quality of output along with the good paper handling which provides you with extras, it also has a touch screen. The HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dn is a good printer to put it in the office for variable uses.

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dn is more expensive then the OKI MB471. Both of the mentioned printers are made primarily for the use of micro offices and offices for the small work groups which needs the heavy duty printing to be done in the office.


  • Ø Dimensions of HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dn:

The size of HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dn is smaller and it is compatible making it easier t place in small places. The dimension of HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dn is 16.7 by 17.3 by 15.1 inches (HWD). The paper handling feature has a 250-sheet paper tray and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray and an in-built duplexer (for the two sided printing). There is an additional facility for the people who want more sheets like for printing in the office; an additional 500-sheet tray can be attached to increase the sheet number to 800 sheets.


  • Ø The connection of HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dn:

When the printer is connected to the Windows Vista system the Setup is typical for the HP printers. The rate of HP printers is 35 pages per minute (ppm) with pages with no formatting when used in business it has been timed at 12.9ppm

The output of the HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401dn as visible in the HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn customer reports is that the graphics quality is good for any type of business need. The photo quality put forward by the printer is also good and can be used to print pictures in a client news letter.

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Dell B1160w


Dell B1160w review

There is a tremendous increase in the demand of printers with good quality printing with ease it is needed since the printer has a varied use in many of the fields of life. It has uses from official use, school assignments, and arts till the use at commercial places as well.

Dell has provided us with yet another printer which can be used as personal printer with a reasonable price. It is smaller than the standard inkjet printer that is available in the market and does not occupy much space on the computer desk and it has features that provide you with the facility of the Wi-Fi the limit of the paper tray is 150-sheet,wthe ess number of paper sheets can provide it a problem for the use in the office.

This Dell B1160w review provides you with the detailed review of this printer brought to you from Dell.


  • Ø Dimensions of Dell B1160w:

It is 7.0 by 13.0 by 8.5 inches (HWD)


  • Ø Weight of Dell B1160w:

It has a weight of 8 pounds and 13 ounces .this weight is complete with the weight of toner. This Dell B1160w is smaller than the competitor Brother HL-2240. The competitor’s size is larger than this printer; it can take the manual feeds too which the Dell B1160w lacks. The drawback is that the Brother HL-2240 does not have the Wi-Fi feature which is included in the Dell B1160w.


  • Ø Draw backs of Dell B1160w:

The Dell B1160w is good for the people as Dell B1160w customer reports shows for the people who need the Wi-Fi, if you do not need the Wi-Fi then you can save your money by getting another printer from Dell which is the Dell B1160 Mono Laser Printer which lacks in the Wi-Fi , apart from this fact it is verified by the company that the both models are same.

  • Ø Speed, Quality and other Specifications of Dell B1160w:

When the B1160w is connected to a system that has Windows Vista then the Setup was standard fare.

The printer can print at the speed of 7.3 pages per minute (ppm), which is a speed good enough for the printing speed of the printer. There can be competition that can be provided by the Brother HL-2240 which has the speed of printing at 11.4 ppm, faster than the competition of Samsung and Dell.

The quality of graphics is very nice and the output that is provided is acceptable to many of the purpose such as the business e.t.c.

The running cost could be an issue for the user since it claims 4 cents per page which is roughly double the cost that the HL-2240 provides.

The Dell B1160w customer reports shows that is an essential when you need the Wi-Fi and the size of printer is an issue.

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HP LaserJet Pro P1102W


HP LaserJet Pro P1102W review

The world of printers is a very diverse one, with a lot of brands competing in this market. Competitiveness is always a good thing for the customer. We have a wide variety to choose from and always the competitors will strive to do a product with better features than the other. The HP LaserJet Pro P1102W review will present a more affordable printer that is best used at home.

As you guessed from the name the Pro P1102W is a monochrome laser printer. It comes in a black color with a normal design, not particularly eye-catching. You can connect to it via Wireless which makes a very nice bonus. Meaning that you can print directly from your smart phone or tablet, but unfortunately it isn`t always reliable. A large number of HP LaserJet Pro P1102W customer reports have pointed out a lot of problems and difficulties with the Wireless system. You also have a normal USB 2.0 port to avoid any complications.

In the input panel it can hold up to 150 sheets of paper. The printing speed is above average and is one of the few features that doesn`t raise any difficulties. It can print 19 black and white pages per minute. Another great thing about the Pro P1102W is the very affordable price. It varies from 150$ to 175$. The printer can operate both on Windows and Mac systems. One other special feature that HP praises is its energy-efficiency that is presented to be one of the best out there.

While the features that were presented seem good if we compare it to its price, the over-all reality is best shown by the HP LaserJet Pro P1102W customer reports, which don`t recommend this printer. First of all its Wi-Fi is not problem free and presents many difficulties. Some have reported the Wireless connection to stop working after a few months. Connecting it to a normal network is also a huge headache for most people. The customers only recommend it if you connect it normally to your computer via USB and that is as far as they would go.

Sadly at the end I must add another minus to the Pro P1102W. Even though it is a laser printer and it should cost less to keep it working in the long run comparing to a inkjet one, it doesn`t. A cartridge for it lasts about 1600 pages and it costs 68$. So if we do the math it costs the same as the ink for an inkjet printer, very disappointing. So in conclusion a printer with this many flaws, but at a cheap price is good for one use only and that use is just for low-volume users at home. This is the only thing I see it doing, other than that, there are better printers out there from which you can choose.

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Brother HL-2170W


 Brother HL-2170W reviewWhether you work at an office, at home or continuing your projects at home, in all cases you need a reliable printer that produces quality documents and fast, without jamming or other related printer problems. The Japanese brand Brother has made the HL-2170W, a laser printer that should do its job in all cases, but as many other printers, it has its limitations.

It is a monochrome laser printer that essentially will cost you much less to keep and recharge than a normal inkjet one would. The design is not flashy, it is quite normal and uninspiring. If you are looking for style this clearly is not the case. It is relatively small, at 6.7 inches in height and 14.5 inches in length. The color is an unspectacular matte grey.

The internal memory is 32 MB, meaning that you are able to queue more documents, thus speeding up the printing process. The paper tray is in the front of the printer and can hold an impressive 250 sheets of paper. Even the control panel is plain and simple with one big Go button. One of its best features is the wireless 802.11 b/g computer connection. While I must warn you that Brother HL-2170W customer reports have indicated that it is a pretty complicated task. Other means of connection to your computer are: USB 2.0 and 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet. These three different connecting options are an advantage for the HL-2170W.

Its performances when it comes to the actual printing are great in black and white and normal documents, but not that good when it comes to graphics. It prints up to 17.48 one page documents with black text per minute, which is a very good performance, outclassing other printers in its price range. This is another feature that was liked by the Brother HL-2170W customer reports. But like I already mentioned when it comes to graphics its limits are shown. The photos appear fuzzy and it gets worst as you print more of the same thing. But when you think of its affordable price, it is understandable why it lacks a few features here and there.

Another good thing about it, is that it takes only two seconds form when you give the command and the printing actually starts, more than half the time it takes a normal printer to start the same process. It is a good printer when it comes to black and white documents and it is affordable. The Brother HL-2170W review believes that it can be used very well for a secondary printer role either at work or at home, but be advised you should take its limits into account before you purchase it so you don`t have any surprises afterwards.

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